Mark Lunn is an award winning VFX artist from the West Midlands in England. Born near Birmingham in 1976, Mark has always led a creative life and particularly had an interest in the performing arts. As a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist - Mark has found popularity and success in various bands. In what seems a more mundane professional capacity, Mark is also a multi award winning Bingo Game Presenter and during his time with The Rank Group became one of the most well known faces (and voices) in the industry.
Visual Effects, Films and Editing began as a hobby during the early 2000's. Starting off with a small digital Sony Handicam, he began shooting and editing videos from ghost hunts or paranormal investigations - which led to many appearances on national/local TV & radio and dozens of magazine features.

One of my Paranormal Investigation videos.

Dabbling with editing led to an interest in VFX and motion graphics around 2010, with an enthusiastic burst of creativity over the next few years though only as a hobby. It wasn't until Mark began to incorporate his video and VFX skills in his daily work in bingo, producing digital content for the company social media channels - that he then started to take his skills more seriously, avidly learning as much as he could about the production pipeline.
Working next as a photographer, videographer and editor; Mark began working with schools, musicians, radio stations and venues. When the Covid Pandemic of 2020 brought the world to a stand still, it also brought a temporary halt to business and forced a re-consideration of how to work effectively. Reaching out to help friends already in the film industry, a remote method of work became available in post production and VFX.
Since then, Mark has gained over 30 iMDB credits to his name and a film festival award for his work...

One of my first VFX outings in 2012

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