With a bit of market research and a Level 7 Diploma in Digital Marketing, I can tell you exactly why you need to use video as part of your sales funnel. This animated visual infographic barely scratches the surface of how video is essential to your brand, social media accounts and business success. Take heed and get in touch as soon as you can, I'm on your side throughout the process...

A video for 'Unifrog', an organisation that helps kids of all ages access educational resources and career information to assist in their development. This particular video has Ella describing her day to day role as a mechanic with Ford, explaining the work culture and duties of her role. It educates and informs 12 - 16 year olds of the motor vehicle industry, displaying the typical activities Ella performs.

My edit, titles and VFX for the music video of Calica's song "Don't" in 2021. 

I was lucky enough to capture one of my favourite local artists Alex Ohm, whilst recording for the WCRfm Live Night at the Robin 2 in Bilston. I shot this with 3 static cameras positioned around the venue and stage, whilst operating a stabilised camera on an extendable pole. I then edited it and Alex loved it so much, I got to record his Album release show as well.

Some examples of my VFX work for film productions. 

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